Ligament ACL Surgery Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

ACL Ligament Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

What are Ligaments?

If we want to explain ligament meaning in simple words - Ligaments are the support system of joints. This support system helps to limit the movement of joints. It is a kind of elastic tissue which surrounds your joints.

Ligaments can be of different sizes and shapes. Ligaments are filled with strong collagen fibers.

What is the ACL Ligament Surgery Cost in India?

ACL Ligament Reconstruction Surgery Cost in India is between 2.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh. But its depends on implants.

What is the function of Ligaments?

The main function of Ligaments is to make sure that the joints are located at their right place. If bones are in their right place only then they can work properly.

What are tendons and Ligaments?

Tendons do the work of pulling the bone in movement. Tendons help to take some of the impact that is taken by the muscles when they are working or doing activities like pulling, pushing or lifting.

Talking about ligaments, they play a key role in stabilizing the knees. That means they prevent knees from moving forward, backward, left or right. Because it is necessary that knee remains at its place for better function.

How many ligaments are in the human body?

You might be surprised to know that there are 900 ligaments in a human body.

What is Ligament tear?

Tearing of Ligaments generally occurs due to extreme force enforced upon joint such as a bike accident or a fall from a height or any other high-impact event. Some of the Common ligament tears are to the ankle, thumb, neck, knee, and wrist or back ligaments.

Types of Ligaments

There are generally five types of Ligaments:

1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament ( ACL)

Anterior Cruciate Ligament is associated with the Ligaments situated in the knees. Ligaments connect shinbone, thighbone and kneecap to form a perfect knee joint.

2. Lateral Collateral Ligament

This ligament provides support to the outer portion of the knees.

3. Posterior Cruciate Ligament

This Ligament does the work of giving movement to shinbone. Posterior Cruciate ligament controls backward movement of shin bone.

4. Medial Collateral Ligament

As the name suggests this ligament is basically located in the center of the knees which helps in smooth movements.

5. Patellar Ligament

The job of this ligament is to support the kneecap.

Ligament specialist doctor near me can treat my ligament injury. This it is advisable to visit an orthopedic doctor like Dr. Saurabh Goyal for any kind of ligament injury. Timely treatment can save you from further pain or damage.

What is ACL Surgery?

ACL Meaning

As discussed earlier ACL is a type of ligament which provides support to knees. ACL surgery means a surgery done on knee ligament.

ACL Surgery Types

There are four types of ACL surgery types:

  • Auto Graft:- In this type of surgery your doctor may uses a tendon from other parts of your body like your hamstring, other knee, or thigh.
  • Allo Graft:-In this type of surgery the graft is used from someone other body.
  • Synthetic Graft:-In this type of surgery artificial materials are replaced in place of the tendon.

Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

When a doctor feels that major damage is done to the Ligament then that particular damaged ligament is removed and is replaced with a graft. This kind of surgery is called Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction. An ACL reconstruction is preferred by most of the people compared to ACL repair.

What is ACL Injury?

As the name suggests an injury to ACL is called ACL injury. This type of injury occurs mostly in sports. In sports the Ligaments are given sudden jerks. Thus injury is bound to happen.
ACL Repair depends on factors like age, associated injuries and activity level.

What are the 4 major knee ligaments?

The four major knee ligaments are:

  • Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Posterior Cruciate ligament (PCL)
  • Medial collateral ligament (MCL)
  • Lateral collateral ligament (LCL)

Knee Ligaments are very important part of our body as they support the knee movements of the body.

Knee ligament injury treatment exercises are very crucial. Exercises can help in the necessary adjustments that need to be done after the surgery. When any outer part is added in the body we need to give it some time to adjust and accommodate itself in the body.

Knee ligament surgery is now preferred by most of the patient because of its success rate.

What does a torn ligament in ankle feel like?

The ankle in our body is a place where three bones meet. The three bones are cartilage, joint lining and tendons. The ankle joint allow us to move forward this is because the primary motion of the ankle is up and down. Though the ankle also does some side-to-side motion, most of that movement is performed by the joint located below the ankle.

Ligaments are also situated in the ankle. They do the job of connecting bones together in the ankle. Ankle ligament injuries generally occur when any of the ligaments in the ankle are stressed more than its elastic limits.

Ligament tear in ankle are painful and it restricts us from doing our day to day activities.

Torn ligament ankle surgery is important if the Ligaments in the ankle are badly hurt or torn.

Ligaments of ankle joint can be cured with right kind of treatment provided by Dr. Saurabh Goyal.

What does a torn ligament in foot feel like?

A torn ligament in the foot can be a serious injury. It can prevent us from performing our daily activity. As we all know a ligament is a kind of tissue that connects bones together and a tendon joints muscle to bone. A tear in the ligament or tendon can be due to trauma or repetitive injury or stress.

What is Foot Ligaments

Foot ligament tear treatment is possible with the help of expert orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Saurabh Goyal.

How many ligaments are in the knee?

There are four kinds of Ligaments in the knees.

Cruciate ligaments of the knee successfully mark its hold on forward and backward movement of knees.

Many Sprained knee treatments is perfectly performed by Dr. Saurabh Goyal.

Sprained knee recovery time may extend from four weak to six weak.

How to heal a sprained wrist fast?

A wrist surgery becomes mandatory when a person has accidentally succumbed to a complete ligament tear. But there is a risk associated with it. Surgery can destabilize the movement of wrist. Sprain can be healed with the help of proper rest and doctor’s prescription.

  • Wrist sprain occurs in twisting of wrist with force.
  • Wrist sprain exercises can cure wrist sprain within few weeks.
  • Wrist ligaments can tear due to an accident or injury.
  • Wrist ligament tear treatment can be completed within few weeks.

What are the ligaments in the shoulder?

Ligament of shoulder joint connects bones in the shoulder which is used to move the shoulder and rotate it. A shoulder may pain when a ligament in your shoulder is injured or torn.

Torn ligament in shoulder may be painful but shoulder ligament tear treatment should be done on immediate basis before the pain increases.

What are the ligaments in the shoulder?

Ligaments take time to heal
The healing process involves three stages:

  • The acute inflammatory phase
  • The proliferative or regenerative phase, and finally
  • Tissue remodeling phase

This whole process of Ligament tear treatment healing can take months, and despite many advances in science, many ligaments of knee joint do not regain their normal strength even after surgery.

Ligament of Struthers is a band of connective tissue which is found at the medial aspect of the humerus.

What is the treatment for ligament tear in knee?

Tear in knee ligament can be cured with the help of surgery done by Dr. Saurabh Goyal.

How long does it take for ligaments to heal in the knee?

Knee Ligament injury takes time to heal. The time actually depends on how bad is the injury.

Injured knee ligament treatment is possible under observation of Dr. Saurabh Goyal.

Torn knee ligament exercises as suggested by Dr. Saurabh Goyal can help in speedy recovery.

How do I know if I have damaged my ligaments?

You can know that you are ligaments are damaged if you experience following symptoms:

  • Severe pain
  • Inability to continue with daily activities
  • A loud sound in knees
  • Swelling and n knees
  • Failure of motion
  • Inability of dealing with weight bearing activities

Leg ligament injury can give you immense pain but with the help of expert surgeon like Dr. Saurabh Goyal, you can be cured easily.

Ligament problems can be faced by those people who have accidentally damaged their ligaments.

How to heal tendons and ligaments?

Tendons and ligaments can be healed with the help of some home based techniques but only if the injury is not serious. If the injury is serious then surgery is required to heal tendons and ligaments.

What is the posterior oblique ligament?

The posterior oblique ligament helps in internal rotation of the bones.
Oblique popliteal ligament function is to limit excessive external rotation.

Can you fracture ligaments?

Yes one can fracture ligaments, Fractured Ligament injury can take place in ankle, foot, finger, wrist and knee.

Types of Shoulder Ligament

Types of Shoulder ligaments are scapula, clavicle and humerus

Ligaments of Shoulder Joint very delicate as our Shoulder is made up from many joints. Many ligament tear treatment is done by Dr. Saurabh Goyal which were absolutely successful.