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What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopy means a modern progressive method of treating diseases and injuries of the knee joint. My patients believe that arthroscopy is a very young and therefore unreliable method of treatment. This is not so: for the first time, arthroscopy was used at the beginning of the 20th century (by the way, on the knee joint), and Japan was the birthplace of this truly revolutionary technique. Solitaire Clinic has specialist doctors for knee arthroscopy, arthroscopy shoulder, ankle arthroscopy, arthroscopic surgery for hip and gets affordable arthroscopic surgery cost in Ahmedabad, India.

Benefits of Arthroscopy Surgery

Today, the possibilities and benefits of arthroscopy are enormous. Arthroscopic surgical procedures can be performed both to diagnose and treat many orthopedic disorders, including meniscus tear, anterior cruciate ligament injury, and fractures. The main advantage of arthroscopy over traditional open surgery is that there is fastest arthroscopic recovery time and no large incision - the joint does not open completely. Instead, the surgeon makes two small incisions - one for inserting the arthroscope (mini video camera) and one for the surgical instruments. The whole procedure is carried out under the control of the image of the joint displayed on the screen.

Why Choose Us? | Arthroscopy Surgery

  • Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction
  • Restoration of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments,
  • Removal of free cartilaginous bodies,
  • Treatment of cartilage damage in deforming arthrosis,
  • Rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Fractures in the knee joint and many other injuries and injuries of the knee.

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Knee arthroscopy is a modern high-tech low-traumatic surgical intervention that helps to eliminate problems of the knee joint due to injuries, damage to the menisci, damage to the cruciate ligament, as well as knee diseases. Deforming arthrosis, free osteochondral bodies, cysts. For the first time, knee arthroscopy was performed in the last century and was not popular. Gets affordable treatment arthroscopic knee surgery cost in Agmedabad, Gujarat, India. The cost anywhere between Rs 70,000 to Rs 1 lakh for the arthroscopic surgery procedure at Solitaire Clinic, Ahmedbad. But time has passed, instruments and video technology have improved and arthroscopic treatment of knee injuries has been the gold standard of treatment for 20 years.

What is the arthroscopy knee surgery recovery time?

It will probably need about 6 weeks to recovery time. If your repaired damaged tissue, recovery will take longer.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Shoulder arthroscopy is performed in our clinic almost every day. There are few complications associated with arthroscopic shoulder surgery include recurrent instability, soft-tissue injury, and neurapraxia. But our doctors using state-of-art technology to remove shoulder arthroscopy surgery complications. This is a minimally traumatic (minimally invasive) surgical intervention that is performed without a large incision under the control of a video camera.

The indications for shoulder arthroscopy are numerous:

  • Diseases of the shoulder joint (eg deforming arthrosis of the shoulder)
  • Habitual dislocation of the shoulder
  • Damage to the shoulder muscles (eg rotator cuff)
  • Sequelae of shoulder injuries (including post-traumatic shoulder pain)
  • Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Elbow injuries are dangerous because of the potential loss of joint function. Traditionally, in this type of fracture, the bones are connected using special fixators. Some types of fractures of the elbow joint can be successfully treated using minimally invasive surgical techniques. We are talking about arthroscopy of the elbow joint. Nowadays, low-traumatic surgical intervention allows you to treat elbow pain caused by diseases and the consequences of trauma.

    Hip Arthroscopic Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Arthroscopy of the hip joint in our country is not put on wide rails. The main reason is the expensive equipment needed to perform this surgery. Although in the developed countries of Europe and the United States, this is a routine surgical intervention due to which thousands of patients have been cured of diseases affecting the joints.