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What are the different types of fractures?

In layman’s language - A fracture is a broken bone. Usually a bone is fully fractured or partially fractured.

The most common causes of fractures are:

Trauma - This includes a major accident like a fall, road accident or any kind of sports injury.

Osteoporosis - This is a kind of disorder whichweakens bones and makes them so fragile that it canbreak easily.

Overuse - When bones are used again and again with full force like people in sports does there are chances that due to overuse of bones, the bones may break.

There are many different types of fractures and each requires a different technique and procedure to repair it. A fracture can be treated at a Fracture clinic or Fracture & Accident Hospital or Fracture hospital near me or Fracture Specialist Doctor near me.

Is buckle fracture a broken bone?

A Buckle fracture is a type of fracture which is generally found in children. Here only a part of bone gets broken and not the whole bone is affected. This can occur while playing or physical abuse.

Different types of buckle fracture are: buckle fracture wrist and buckle fracture ankle.

Buckle fracture is treated with a splint and cast.

A buckle fracture is very painful. But it can be treated if immediate care can cure it. Doctors usually prescribe pain killers to alleviate pain. If you find any kind of deformity in leg then you must quickly consult an orthopedic surgeon because buckle fracture needs treatment. Usually this type of fracture is in arm or leg. When such fracture occurs the patient tends to walk in an abnormal way. But if the patient is not walking in an abnormal way then this does not mean that the patient does not have any deformity.

Rib fracture is a painful crack or actual break in a rib.

Symptoms of rib fractures include severe pain that gets worse when the patient take a deep breath.

Ribs get broken due to direct impacts from vehicle accidents, falls, and child abuse or from sports. Ribs can get damaged or fractured by repetitive injury from sports like golf and rowing. It can also occur when a patient has some disease and he is suffering from severe and prolonged coughing.

Broken ribs are a very common injury. It actually occurs when one of the bones situated in your rib cage breaks or cracks.

Rib fracture can cause severe pain.

There are many symptoms associated with it. The pain caused by broken rib usually occurs or worsens when the patient takes a deep breath or press on the injured area or tries to bend or twist his or her body.

Rib fracture treatment includes pain management because for few days the patient may experience unbearable pain.

What is a spiral fracture?

A spiral fracture is a type of bone fracture that occurs when a long bone is broken with a huge force or when somebody has twisted the bone. Spiral fracture is caused due to sports injuries, accidents, physical abuse, and fall or machine injuries.

Types of Spiral fracture

  • Spiral fracture arm
  • Spiral fracture finger
  • Spiral fracture foot
  • Spiral fracture femur
Spiral fracture in child can be due to Child abuse.

Types of Bones fracture

Bone fractures are caused by sports injuries, car accidents or falls, these painful injuries take time to heal. Find bone fracture doctor near me in Ahmedabad, There are many types of bone fractures such as:
Complex Fracture, Oblique fracture, Transverse fracture, Impacted fracture, Nightstick fracture and Femur fracture.

The symptoms of a bone fracture depend on which bone of the body has broken. If you have problem with your arm, leg or finger, then you might experience symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty using that particular limb which is injured.
  • Noticeable and unusual bump in the particular part of the body, bend or twist.
  • Severe pain in the affected area
  • Swelling in the affected area

Broken Leg Fracture

The leg has three bones that can fracture — the femur, the tibia and fibula in the lower portion of the leg. When a fracture involves end portions of bones like part of the hip, knee and ankle joints, the fracture is more complicated and painful.

Leg fracture treatment includes surgery. When a surgery is involved then it usually requires a shorter hospital stay and creates less disability than other kind of treatment methods, which includes wearing a plaster cast that covers the entire leg and hip.

Leg fracture recovery time

After surgery generally you will need to use crutches to avoid overloading your leg with your weight, followed by a program of physical therapy. The actual goal of physical therapy is to restore normal strength in your leg muscles and give your leg the normal range of motion so that you can do all the activities as before. The entire process of healing and rehabilitation of the patient usually takes months.

There are different Types of Leg fracture like Leg finger fracture, Right leg fracture, Greenstick fracture, Compound fracture, Ankle fracture, Fibula fracture, Lisfranc fracture, Bumper fracture, Ligament fracture, Pott fracture, Jones fracture

Hand Fracture

A hand fracture is a major break in one of the bones in one or both the hands. This includes very small bones of the fingers and with it the long bones within the palm. The reason of such injury can be sports or abuse. But immediately the patient needs to be taken to the hospital.

Types of Hand Fracture

There are different kinds of hand fracture like:
Boxer Fracture, Wrist fracture, Elbow Fracture, Broken hand, Distal radius fracture, Colles fracture, Torus fracture, Humerus fracture, Rolando fracture, Shoulder fracture.

Skull Fracture

A skull fracture is a major or little break in the skull. There are many types of skull fractures and that fracture can be very serious and can be caused by one major incident or accident. It can be caused due to a major blow to the head that is strong enough to break the skull bone. An injury to the brain can be fatal and may also accompany the fracture.

Skull fracture treatment consists of close observation in the hospital and medication to relieve pain during the healing process.

There are different kinds of skull fracture like: Radial head fracture, Hairline fracture, head injury, linear skull fracture, basilar skull fracture, depressed skull fracture, ring fracture of skull