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OPD Schedule of DR. Sourabh Goyal in Jaipur

Joint Problems

Our joints slowly losses its lubrication and mobility become difficult with increasing age, it becomes a reason for severe pain in joints especially in knees. In some of the cases lubrication becomes zero and two knee bones scratch each other. People who suffer from joint problems complain about pain and walking problems, they start avoiding their movements especially stairs or some others. Our wrists, elbows, shoulder, knees and ankles are major joints in our body. Joint problems could occur because of elder age, accidental injuries, arthritis or other problems.

Solutions for Joint problems

Generally, joint problems could be solved with the help of medicines and some lifestyle changes and pain therapies. Your doctor could suggest you Joint Replacement surgery if you do not get relief with the help of these solutions.

How would you decide that you need joint replacement surgery?

  1. If you are no longer responding to medication or on therapies.
  2. If your mobility has become extremely difficult
  3. Arthritis
  4. Serious injury
  5. Damage to cartilage

OPD Schedule of DR. Sourabh Goyal in Jaipur

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